Why Are BBW's Popular In The US

February 6, 2017

BBW – according to the urban dictionary, is a leading term used by many as Big Beautiful Woman.


Away from the derogatory description of plus size people as fat, the term BBW has found a place of rest and is acceptable for the description of plus size women.

To describe a plus size woman as fat is a complex issue and of course even though we do not readily pronounce judgment on them, our society continues to show that plus size people are not beautiful and are not accepted, we prefer pretty and slim models to plus size and busty ones, our contestants on various pageantries are always women that we see as acceptable in the eyes of the media and this has affected many women who are plus size and has often more than not boxed them into a space of defeat and negative self-image.

But this notion is however wrong, statistics has shown that while we don't come out to publicly celebrate and admire plus size women, the demand for plus size porn is however on the rise and although it seems we have not come out to say look, we were wrong, anybody is beautiful in their own right and body size, we have decided to accept that as a fact however privately.

More than ever, we have started to see plus size people come out to flaunt their bodies in the face of the very society who rejected them before, has had no choice than to start accepting them.

In a collaboration with Canadian singer, rapper Nicki Minaj who is also a "thick" chick drake declared "I like my girls BBW. Is this the reason for pornhub's record breaking searches for BBW in the past two years?

Certainly not, but to a large extent, we have seen that people are starting to do away with the notion of having an ideal body, you see people rather celebrating positivity and looking for sex appeal in their very own physique. People crave healthy relationships and that is all that matters now, not about how your body size and shape is.

If you look at the answers to a question on a forum why men love BBW's you will find that a lot of the answers talked about the curves and thick skin on BBW's as a lovely thing, some other answers talked about the rather simple lifestyles of plus size women and the fact that it is relatively easy to get a relationship going with them because they do not really attach much importance to their body hence consider it a privilege if you approach them.

It will be very hard to really pinpoint the exact reason for the increasing demand for thick, curvy and pretty women today, what we can however lay good claim to is that there is preference for them and of course this can be tied to the caring, friendly and warm nature of most thick women.